We manufacture since 30 years vehicles of all types for oilfield purposes, i.e. pipelines transport, containers or skids carriage, field or maintenance machinery.
Our vehicles are especially designed for off road use, and the equipment might be designed specifically for cold weather conditions (Siberia) or very hot conditions (desert, Africa, Middle East).
In case of a project, please consult us.

2 or 3 axles dolly with goose-neck, for different diameters and length pipelines transport – outside EU

  • High resistance welded frame
  • Extendable drawbar
  • Bunk for tubes with specific stakes
  • Bolsters covered with rubber

2 or 3 axles semi-trailer for different diameters and length pipelines’ transport – outside EU

  • High resistance welded frame, extandable
  • Wooden floor with specific stakes
  • Rolls and hauling winch

Dumper equipment – outside EU

  • Handling crane with capacity up to 70Tm
  • Winch 50T and more
  • Removable platform with twist locks for containers 20′
  • Fifth-wheel with hydraulic lifting

Tracked vehicle – outside EU

  • Handling crane
  • Tubes-carrier
  • Winch
Tropical timber - Oilfield outside UE